Wendell Willkie

Willkie is the only native from the state of Indiana to run on a major party ticket. He ran against Franklin Roosevelt in 1940.

Willkie is buried in East Hill Cemetery, Rushville, Indiana. It's about 40 miles south east in Indianapolis.

I visited there on March 8, 2007. Peggy and I had to go to Indiana for my friend's wedding and we decided to hit a few graves along the way. This was the fourth one of the day. Rushville is about 20 miles south of the interstate and we were able to find the cemetery easy enough. Throughout the cemetery, the route to the gravesite is marked with signs, so it was really easy to find. The burial site is really cool and well maintained.

GPS: N 39.60490, W 085.43389


To see video of the grave click here


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