Losing Tickets

This is something new and different that I'd like to try. I am adding major party candidates (they have to win a state popular election) that did not win the Presidential Election. I hope I can visit them all, but it will probably take a lifetime. But then why else do we do these things?

I've already realized that I have been to some of these cemeteries, and close to others. I also need to research what types of other sites are still around for many of these men (and two woman)

Year Presidential Candidate Vice - Presidential Candidate Political Party
1796 Thomas Jefferson Aaron Burr Democratic - Republican
Thomas Pinckney Federalist
1800 John Adams Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Federalist
1804 Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Rufus King Federalist
1808 Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Rufus King Federalist
1812 DeWitt Clinton Jared Ingersoll Federalist
1816 Rufus King John E. Howard Federalist
1924 Andrew Jackson John C. Calhoun  
1824 Henry Clay Nathan Sanford Democrat
1824 William Crawford Nathaniel Macon Republican
1828 John Quincy Adams Richard Rush National Republican
1832 Henry Clay John Sergeant Whig
1832 William Wirt Amos Ellmaker Anti-Mason
1836 William Henry Harrison Francis Granger Whig
1836 Hugh Lawson White  John Tyler Whig
1836 Daniel Webster   Whig
1836 Willie Person Mangum   Whig
1840 Martin Van Buren   Democrat
1844 Henry Clay Theodore Frelinghuysen Whig
1848 Lewis Cass William O. Butler Democrat
1852 Winfield Scott William A. Graham Whig
1856 Millard Fillmore Andrew Donelson Know - Nothing
1856 John C. Fremont  William L. Dayton Republican
1860 Stephen A. Douglas Herschel V. Johnson Democrat
1860 John Bell Edward Everett Constitutional Union
1860 John C. Breckinridge Joseph Lane National Democrat
1864 George McClellan George Pendleton Democrat
1868 Horatio Seymour Francis Blair Democrat
1872 Horace Greeley B. Gratz Brown Liberal Republican
1876 Samuel Tilden Thomas Hendricks Democrat
1880 Winfield Hancock William H. English Democrat
1884 James G. Blaine John A. Logan Republican
1888 Grover Cleveland Allen G. Thurman Democrat
1892 Benjamin Harrison Whitelow Reid Republican
James Weaver James G. Field Populist
1896 William Jennings Bryan Arthur Sewell Democrat
1900 William Jennings Bryan Adlai E. Stevenson Democrat
1904 Alton Parker Henry Davis Democrat
1908 William Jennings Bryan John W. Kern Democrat
1912 William Howard Taft James S. Sherman Republican
1912 Theodore Roosevelt Hiram Johnson Progressive
1916 Charles Evans Hughes Charles W. Fairbanks Republican
1920 James M. Cox Franklin D. Roosevelt Democrat
1924 Robert M. LaFollette Burton K. Wheeler Progressive
1924 John W. Davis Charles W. Bryan Democrat
1928 Alfred E. Smith Joseph T. Robinson Democrat
1932 Herbert Hoover Charles Curtis Republican
1936 Alf Landon    Frank Knox Republican
1940 Wendell Willkie Charles McNary Republican
1944 Thomas Dewey John Bricker Republican
1948 Thomas Dewey Earl Warren Republican
1948 Strom Thurmond Fielding L. Wright States'  Rights
1948 Henry Wallace Glen Taylor Progressive
1952 Adlai E. Stevenson John Sparkman Democrat
1956 Adlai E. Stevenson  Estes Kefauver Democrat
1960 Richard Nixon Henry Cabot Lodge Republican
1964 Barry Goldwater William E. Miller Republican
1968 George Wallace    Curtis LeMay American Independent
1968 Hubert H. Humphrey Edmund Muskie Democrat
1972 George McGovern Thomas Eagleton Democrat
    Sargent Shriver Democrat
1976 Gerald Ford    Robert Dole Republican
1980 Jimmy Carter Walter Mondale Democrat
1984 Walter Mondale    Geraldine Ferraro Democrat
1988 Michael S. Dukakis Lloyd Bentsen Democrat
1992 George Bush Dan Quayle Republican
1992 Ross Perot James Stockdale Independent
1996 Robert Dole Jack Kemp Republican
2000 Al Gore Joseph Lieberman Democrat
2004 John Kerry John Edwards  Democrat
2008 John McCain Sarah Palin Republican
2012 Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Republican
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Tim Kaine
Mike Pence



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