James Stockdale
Independent Party Candidate for Vice President: 1992
Buried: United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
Date of visit: February 28, 2006


I remember Vice - Admiral Stockdale from the 1992 election. He ran with Ross Perot.

During the Vice - Presidential Debates of that year, in my opinion, he was clearly smarter then the two he was running against (Quayle and Gore) and I liked his "don't beat around the bush" attitude. He didn't sugar coat, he wasn't a politician, he was a gentleman.

I've since learned more about him. He is a true American hero. He was a recipient of the Medal of Honor during Viet Nam and he survived 7 1/2 years in a POW prison.

Following the debates, he was lampooned on shows such as Saturday Night Live. They obviously didn't know the man. Now looking back at it, I feel sorry and pity for the writers of SNL. Here they tried to poke fun at a man, who in my opinion was one of the bravest and toughest Americans of his, or any, generation.
  If you ever get the chance to visit the Naval Academy, do it. The base is awesome. It's very pretty and very quite. But, bring your ID, they will not allow you on the base without it. While your there, be sure to visit the museum and the crypt of John Paul Jones.


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