Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland in a 1888 campaign photo.

Cleveland should be buried in Buffalo, New York. Rumor has it that he got mad at the city because they didn't defend him during the "Ma, Ma, where's my Pa? Off to the White House, ha, ha, ha" campaign. I don't think he ever came back to Buffalo after his presidency.

Did you know that when he was a young Buffalo lawyer named Stephen Grover Cleveland, he used to hang around with the son of former president Millard Fillmore.
I visited Cleveland's grave in Princeton, NJ on February 27, 2006. It was part of a trip that I visited 9 graves in one day. Princeton is a really cool town, but I didn't get a chance to see a lot of it that day. We were just too busy. Peggy and I left the Catskill region of New York and traveled through New Jersey hitting gravesites along the way. We eventually arrived in Ocean City, Md for a conference.

Cleveland's grave is pretty easy to find. I downloaded a map off the cemetery's website so we were able to find both his and Aaron Burr's without any trouble.



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