Alton Parker

Parker was the Democrat candidate who lost to Theodore Roosevelt in 1904. He is buried in Wiltwyck Cemetery in Kingston, NY.

We arrived in Kingston about 5:00 p.m. on April 17, 2004 and decided to hunt down the grave of Alton Parker before
George Clinton. We knew Parker would be harder to find because we didn't have a plot number or any other information on where he was buried. Even didn't have any info.  A few days earlier, I emailed the Ulster County historian to see if she knew where it was, but she didn't return my email in time.

We found Wiltwyck Cemetery easy enough, and it wasn't too big, so we started to drive around. There are two sections to the cemetery, old and new, and we decided to drive around the old section. We asked a woman walking through the cemetery if she new where is was, and she (of course) had no idea. we drove around the paved roads, looking at all the larger monuments to no avail. Then we started on the grass roads.

I was getting frustrated (but not ready to give up), and Peggy yelled out "Wait, I think that's it!" Sure enough it was. We had already gone by it, but we couldn't see it because it was on a small hill above the old receiving vault near the railroad tracks.

We got our pictures, and left to find a much easier one, former Vice-President
George Clinton



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