Theodore Frelinghuysen
Whig Party Candidate for Vice President: 1844
Buried: First Reformed Church Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ
Date of visit: February 26, 2006

Frelinghuysen is buried in the churchyard of the First Reformed Church in New Brunswick, NJ. Peggy and I hit the cemetery as part of our New Jersey graveyard tour.

The church is in the heart of New Brunswick and we found it fairly easily, but parking on the other hand... Even though there is a parking garage in across the street, we weren't gonna be there long enough to matter. The cemetery is small (you can see most of it in the picture on the right) and there was a driveway right next to it, so we parked there. I figured, if in the 2 minutes we were going to be there, somebody came out, we would just move it. After all, we wouldn't be there that long.

Typically, in a cemetery like this, I figure find the biggest grave, and that's him. Well, not in this case. I walked around the entire cemetery a couple of times and couldn't find the grave. There was a pine tree that fell over and took out part of a row of headstones and the maintenance crew was still cleaning the area up, although they weren't there at that time.

The cool part was as I was walking around, the choir was practicing in the church and I listened to them singing. They sounded great.

Although I didn't actually see the grave, I count it as a find because I know I went by it. Maybe when
Frank McGady gets some time, he can run over there and check it out.
Here I am on the phone with my nephew. He is on the internet trying to find the exact site of the grave.


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