Silas Wright
Governor of New York State 1845 -1846

Born: May 24, 1795 in Amherst, Mass.
Died: August 27, 1847 in Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York
Buried: Silas Wright Cemetery, Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York
Date of Visit: June 28, 2006
Silas Wright is buried in a small cemetery in Canton, NY. The cemetery is just off of Main Street and is easy to find. Wright's grave is even easier to fine, it's the big one in the middle of the cemetery.

I read on a website that at one time the cemetery was run down. That is not the case today. Somebody is putting in a lot of time to mow the grass, plant flowers and straighten up. Some of the stones are repaired and cleaned. It's a long process but thankfully somebody is doing it.




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