Nelson A. Rockefeller

Vice - President under Gerald Ford

Served from 1974 - 1977
GPS: Near N 41 06' 03.1", W 073 51' 33.2"


Me, as close as I will ever get to the actual gravesite

Vice - President Nelson Rockefeller is buried in the private Rockefeller Family Cemetery. The cemetery is located next to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

In Chuck D'Imperio's book, Great Graves of Upstate New York, he mentions that the graves could be seen behind the mausoleum of Walter Chrysler. I got in contact with him to confirm and he told me that it was too over grown to see it.

I do not know anybody that has actually seen the grave, so I wanted to be the first. I was all set to jump the fence and I had it all planned out. I figured it had to be close. I was gonna jump it, run to the grave, take the picture and run back before they released the hounds.

When I got there, I realized that this probably wouldn't happen. First, as you can see in the picture, there is an eight foot high chain link fence. There wasn't barbed wire, but the tops looked pretty sharp. On the other side of the chain link, there is a wooden fence. So, if I did get over the fence, there wouldn't have been anyway to get back over to the cemetery side. I lifted my video camera over the top of the fence and hoped that I would be able to see something, but I didn't. I also walked the fence hoping to find a place where it would have been easier. There was a part where it wasn't as high and there isn't the wooden fence and a spot where if there wasn't so much snow on the ground, I may have been able to get under it, but I didn't try.

So, although the fence wouldn't be impossible to get over, it wouldn't have been easy. My friends keep asking me to ask the Rockefeller family if I can visit, but I haven't. What I need to do is find somebody that works for them and get in there that way.

Video of Grave (Sort of)



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