I am planning a MEGA-TRIP in the summer of 2007. It will take me to a total of 23 gravesites in 9 states and over 4500 miles.

Over the 4th of July, 2007, I have to be in San Antonio, TX, so I figure; I might as well hit a few gravesites while Iím there. We have decided to drive, so I said great, Iíll be able to hit even more sites.

I checked out my handy road atlas, discovered that I could put a serious dent into my quest. I might be able to visit six Presidents, five Vice-Presidents, five Presidential opponents and seven Vice-Presidential Opponents.


Andrew Johnson, Greeneville, TN Visted
Andrew Jackson, Nashville, TN Visted
James K Polk, Nashville, TN Visted
Lyndon Johnson, Stonewall, TX Visted
Dwight Eisenhower, Abilene, KS Visted
Harry S. Truman, Independence, MO Visted


William Rufus Devane King, Selma, AL Visted
John Nance Garner, Uvalde, TX Visted
Charles Curtis, Topeka, KS Visted
Richard Mentor Johnson, Frankfort, KY
John C. Breckinridge, Lexington, KY

Presidential Opponent

Hugh Lawson White, Knoxville, TN
John Bell, Nashville, TN
George Wallace, Montgomery, AL
Alf Landon, Topeka, KS Visted
Henry Clay, Lexington, KY

Vice-Presidential Opponents

Henry Davis, Elkins, WV
Estes Kefauver, Madisonville, TN
John Sparkman, Huntsville, AL Visted
Fielding Wright, Rolling Fork, MS
Francis Blair, St. Louis, MO
B. Gratz Brown, St. Louis, MO
George Pendleton, Cincinnati, OH

Will I get them all? Probably not, but it's good to have a plan. If you are a news program or a reality TV show, and you want to sponsor my trip, feel free to
email me here.


final result: 11 of 23. Not bad.