John C. Calhoun
Vice - President Under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson
Served From 1825 - 1832
GPS: N 32 46' 44.3, W 079 55' 47.7"


The gates of the cemetery was chained and lock. I could see the grave of John Caldwell Calhoun from the sidewalk. I took my pictures and went on my way. When I was getting the pictures ready to post on the website, I discovered it was the wrong John C. Calhoun. I was not too happy.


Second Visit (April 2, 2012)
This is how much of an obsession the hobby turns into. It really bugged me that I missed that grave, so I got up early in the morning, jumped in the car and drove 100 miles from Myrtle Beach to Charleston to make another run at it, and this time I was successful!


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