John Adams Dix
Governor of New York State 1873 - 1874
Born: July 24, 1798 in Boscawen, NH
Died: April 21, 1879 in New York City, New York
Buried: Trinity Church Cemetery, Manhattan, New York
Date of Visit: March 31, 2009
GPS: Near N 40 42' 27.5, W 074 00' 43.6"


When I went to the Trinity Church Cemetery to look for Dix’s grave, I couldn’t find it. Fortunately, the church was open, so I went inside and asked the nice volunteer at the desk. She looked up Dix’s name in the burial book, and sure enough he is listed as being buried in a section on the south side of the cemetery.

I went back out, and still couldn’t find it. So, I went back in. This time, I talked to a staff member and she looked it up on the Church’s website, and sure enough, he is listed as being buried in the cemetery, and there was even a map! So, I went back out and looked for a third time but I still couldn’t find it.

It’s possible that the stone has worn away or the stone was damaged or removed. But, he is buried there and I did go by it.

Trinity Church is a beautify church in the middle of the financial district in lower Manhattan. Alexander Hamilton and Robert Fulton are both buried near where Dix is supposedly buried and it’s the church where Nicholas Cage finds the Templar treasure at the end of National Treasure.


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