Abraham Lincoln



Abraham Lincoln
by George Peter Alexander Healy
National Portrait Gallery
From a Postcard
A 1865 engraving of the Lincoln family by Adam Walter. Is was created after the President's death. (from a postcard)


I visited Lincoln's Boyhood National Memorial in Lincoln City, Indiana on June 21, 2003. There is a replica of the cabin, a barn and a couple of other buildings. Historians found where the original cabin was. All that was left was the foundation and the chimney, which can be seen in the picture.

Lincoln's mother is buried on the property.

Lincoln Home and Tomb

I visited the Lincoln Home and Tomb in Springfield, Illinois on June 26, 2004. Seven of us went. Visiting the home and tomb of Lincoln is a very moving experience that all Americans should do. To walk the streets that Lincoln walked is incredible and to visit his final resting place is moving.

The house is in great shape, and as the tour guide said, "its in better condition now then when Lincoln lived here." My only complaint about the tour was that it didn't last long enough. I know it's because of all the people that want to visit. If you go, be sure to walk around the neighborhood.

The tomb itself in Oak Ridge Cemetery is incredible. It is my favorite. My brother said, "Lincoln's tomb would put King Tut's to shame." but, I think we were just more entranced by the man. When we got to the cemetery, I joked, "I wonder if we'll be able to find it? Well, we had no problem with that, you can't miss it.


The three places in Oak Ridge Cemetery where Lincoln was buried.



The Lincoln home and law office in Springfield, Ill.

Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Lincoln's New Salem


Abraham Lincoln Birthplace


Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site
Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial Lincoln Boyhood Home
Abraham Lincoln Home National Historic Site
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum  
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Lincoln Tomb

Virtual Tour of the Tomb

Lincoln Memorial  



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